G.I.P. Laboratory was founded by Suzuki-san, both a talented musician/director and designer/builder of audio equipment. Mr. Suzuki has always been in the search for the best possible reproduction. Mr. Suzuki considers the legendary Western Electric units/loudspeaker systems the very best ever made. You must understand this has nothing to do with modern speaker designs or the so called “improvements” we see there. Western Electric is still beyond everything that is build nowadays. What Mr. Suzuki does, is carefully learning the construction and secrets of the original Western Electric units, and finally building these units again without any compromise, part by part, exactly like the original ones, and now even trying to improve on them in details when possible. That is G.I.P. Laboratory.

We are very, very proud to introduce and represent G.I.P. Laboratory in Europe. For us, this is a dream coming true.

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