Aurender A10 Review

The all-in-one Aurender A10 caching music server / player with analog output is the right product for many music lovers. It’s built to a high standard both inside and out. The classic Aurender, all aluminium, look and feel is unmistakable and is also present in the A10. Internally the A10’s single chassis, dual purpose design has many

advantages. The simplicity of a one-box solution can’t be denied. In addition, the ability to bypass a preamp, connecting the A10 directly to power amps, can’t be underestimated. For some listeners, it may be time to ditch the Mac Mini and external DAC, in favor of an all-in-one A10. The ability to add an amp and speakers, and call it a day with a complete audio system, is exactly what many music aficionados desire. There are no USB drivers to install, USB add-on devices or USB DAC issues or cables to be had when using an Aurender A10. The A10 is the world’s first full MQA decoding music server with onboard DAC. Inside, Aurender has managed to keep electrical and acoustical noise to an absolute minimum. This design is why the product sounds so delightful. Reproducing all types of music, the A10 brought out the best in my collection and maximized my time spent listening. From deep double bass to exquisitely high pitched violins to the decaying tone of an electric guitar, the A10 delivered consistently impressive results.

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