HiFi+ review op de Merging+NADAC met Player


Vanaf de buitenkant lijkt er bijna geen verandering te zijn met de gewone Merging+NADAC. Totdat je een apparaat als een IPad aansluit.

“The Merging+Player with an iPad is suddenly transformed into a complete digital hub and all your music is hanging from that hub. This comes because the program Merging itself used to drive the original NADAC is replaced by Roon, and the big feather in the Merging+Player’s cap is full Roon-ready capacity. Without the ‘+Player’ part, this is a very fine DAC, but with it, it is a complete and extremely potent audio server.”

Door deze verandering is het mogelijk om je computer aan de kant te doen!

“With the computer out of the way, the Player takes on the role brilliantly. Like all good Roon-related products, it will run around your network (from a virtual perspective) to and music stores and shares, and will blend this with your TIDAL account seamlessly.”

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