Hooked for life

Heroin is heroin and I am an addict and I need more of it every day. The good news is we met the ultimate suppliers: G.I.P. Laboratory, hifiheroin and Silbatone.  

They gave us so much music that we are in the clouds forever. On the left Western Electric 16B and the G.I.P. Laboratory system. We are very proud to have the latter in our store very soon. More info check here.

These guys are the most dedicated music lovers I have ever met.  

No concessions and an ear for the best gear (not)available on the market.  

It is just because of Suzuki-San, Joe, Jeffrey, Mr. Chang and his friends that we can bring the music so much closer to the brain, so much closer to our being, so much closer to us all.  

We will work hard to make sure all music lovers in Europe will find us and have a great time listing to the G.I.P. Laboratory system. Than they will forget Audio totally and experience music only. 

Thank you guys. We meet soon again for a nice hang out.

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