Open Brief aan Peter (Audio Note)

Dear Peter,

As promised I hereby send you my personal findings of the system so far. It took some time because I was busy and I needed time to understand the system better.

First of all I like to thank you for this opportunity. I told you this before, but the way you helped me out with the possibility to be the owner of the best system in the world is incredibly appreciated by us.

Slowly but surely the system in running in, and as you told me, it takes a long time before it comes to it’s full potential.
The transport in the beginning was a bit dull, and it seems that the sound was filtered through a blanket. But slowly and surely the transport is loosing it’s blanket. The brown color is making place for a more open and more colorful palette of timbres. I personally think the best Sanyo transports are more open and easy in the lows, but your opinion on guarantee, continuous delivery etc. is off course important for this type of product. The difference with the Audio Note CDT Two is unbelievable, I notice so much more micro details. But the all over stability openness and, how do I say, finesse is incredible nice to listen to.

The DAC5 speaks for itself. It is the best in the world. I have heard many DAC’s in my life, but no DAC does this job. The richness of the sound, the purity of sound when listening to Hayden, Kraftwerk or Monk, is bringing me to another dimension. The music goes through the heart and further, it breaks walls. That is what I like best about the DAC5, you cannot avoid it. I hope the DAC 5 Signature delivers the same but will give me even more color, openness and air. Can’t wait.

The Ongaku is quite like the Jinro in some aspects. Especially the power of both amps are great. Although I think that the Jinro is less colorful than the Ongaku. That I think is strange because in my experience copper wiring / copper components give a more lifelike midrange and a more colorful rich sound. The GE tubes on Ongaku must make the difference.

I have always been somewhat afraid of silver, so many times I find silver aggressive in the highs and to coarse overall. Basically I do not like silver. But I always thought that somehow Audio Note silver is different in this means. When listening to the Ongaku and complete silver cabling (SOGON) I was almost immediately convinced that my earlier assumption about Audio Note silver is true. There is something about Audio Note silver, what makes it not silver-like at all. It sounds like silver, but only the good points (fast, extremely dynamic, clean, open). Last but not least I noticed with Ongaku it’s possible to play as silent as you like and still the music will keep it’s dynamics. With the Jinro it’s just the other way around: it sounds best at a high volume.

The AN-E SEC Signature speakers are just the best. Without those a level 5 system is useless. All you hear is all you get. Even the mid lows are fully present. The speakers are great. They do not have the full resolution (whatever that means) as with other expensive speakers, but again all music is natural and nice to listen too, not a boring moment. You can play as loud as you like, but the speakers will not give a hump. Straight forward. That is just a fantastic feeling.

As for cabling. Cables are important and I believe that pure gold wiring is the ultimate (although it is also giving some mild color too). The Audio Note SOOTO though is just giving more information. But since the system is overwhelmingly good, it is also giving more music. The Pallas is amazing: all other cables connecting DAC and transport are holding back something, the music wants to explode, but it is just not possible to get out. With the Pallas, the only thing you get is music and that is all you need.

With all these items put together you get something magical. Something unbelievable. Hayden was in the room playing so lively as I have never experienced except for live. I always thought that the way towards ownership is better than actually owning it. But with this system I know one thing. That’s completely bullshit! M9 and TT3 and S9 on the list for later.

Many thanks Peter and all the best for you wonderful staff!

Many regards,


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