Review Stereophile: Aurender A10

Op de valreep van 2017 is er nog een review van de Aurender A10 in de Stereophile. De conclusie:

“If the Aurender A10 is not the CD player of the 21st century, it’s certainly a viable 21st-century successor to that less-than-perfect source. That the A10 provides a single front-end solution for playing digital music in far more formats, sourced from far more platforms, than the designers of the CD ever envisioned makes it a most tempting proposition for those with limited space and budgets, or who consider a pile of boxes and cables the work of the devil. Whether or not the A10 will end up on your shelf will depend, in large part, on your sonic priorities. Those who tend to listen to music while multitasking, or who don’t spend hours on end sitting undisturbed in the sweet spot, need not hesitate.”

Lees hier de hele review!

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